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The Journal office in Perrysburg has the following new hours of operation:

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Welcome to the Holland-Springfield Journal established in 2003 to serve Village of Holland and Springfield Township residents. Owned by Welch Publishing Company of Perrysburg, the Journal serves more than 9,800 people, providing readers with the latest information on events in their community.

Welch Publishing produces three other weekly newspapers: the well-known Perrysburg Messenger Journal, which is more than 150 years old, the Rossford Record, created in 1940 and the Point and Shoreland Journal which has served the Point Place area since 1978. Our newspapers reach more than 35,000 readers in Lucas and Wood County.

We feel strongly that the dissemination of local news is critical to a community's vitality and economic health. People crave detailed information about civic and township affairs, school issues and community events. Several years ago, Rowland Thompson, executive director for Allied Daily Newspapers, wrote an interesting account of a visit to his hometown, population 1,482, and the changes that had occurred since its weekly newspaper, once owned by his family closed up shop.

He observed that stores closed their doors because they had to pay the high-ticket advertising rates of the big dailies. There were so many obituaries in the daily newspapers that small town funeral home obituaries were lost in the shuffle. People died, and no one even knew. The chamber of commerce disbanded. Attendance at local sporting events declined. Fund-raisers and volunteer activities cried for support.

School bond levies didn't pass because the school district had no way to get the word out about the accomplishments and activities of its students. Fewer people participated in civic affairs, and voter participation was down. Everyone watched TV instead of attending community events.

Small towns fight an uphill battle, and economic decline sometimes seems a foregone conclusion. Fans of the small town press, like Mr. Thompson, aren't naive enough to think they can save the world. But, as he observes: "One of the fingers in the dike protecting the life of small communities is the newspaper.

"The paper connects people to each other and their community. "It shows them that they and their families are important, not just to themselves but to their neighbors and friends. "It praises good judgment, it vents complaint, it voices opinion, it calls for action, it draws volunteers, it brings donations, it interests voters, it informs the electorate, it encourages commerce, it creates markets, it exposes misdeeds, it validates effort, it focuses grief and it applauds achievement, but most importantly, it breathes life into a community."

The Journal and its sister newspapers strive to breathe that life into the communities they serve. Welch Publishing takes pride in continuing its tradition of excellence in the Holland/Springfield area. Liability for errors and/or omissions in publication of any advertisement by the HOLLAND-SPRINGFIELD JOURNAL, whether due to negligence or otherwise, is limited to rerunning without charge that portion of the advertisement published incorrectly. In case of error or omission, the publisher will, upon request, furnish the advertiser with a letter stating that such error or omission occurred. The HOLLAND-SPRINGFIELD JOURNAL will not be responsible for errors or omissions in any advertising beyond the first insertion or for errors in electronically submitted ads. Other than as stated above. The HOLLAND-SPRINGFIELD JOURNAL assumes no responsibility or liability for any monetary loss or damages resulting from any error or omission. All copy is subject to the approval of the publisher, who reserves the right to reject or cancel any submission at any time. The opinions expressed in paid advertisements and/or letters to the Editor which are published in The HOLLAND-SPRINGFIELD JOURNAL do not necessarily reflect the opinion or philosophy of The HOLLANDSPRINGFIELD JOURNAL.